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Photoshoot with Julie Pallesen

Julie Pallesen is a passionated blogger and model who loves fashion and traveling. She works as a model and travels around the world, which you can read about on her blog We choose Julie as a campaign model for Les Rêves because we think she has an amazing charisma and is very beautiful. She is so easy to work with and really knows what it takes to make amazing pictures. She is an inspiring woman who conquers the world with her charm.

Besides that Julie is a woman who really take care of her body. She exercise daily and knows that is good for her body. She treats her body as a temple, which is something we love. We think every woman should feel sexy everyday and feel that you are living your dream, which we have no doubt that Julie is doing.

Untitled from Elisabeth Dalskov on Vimeo.

Photographer, Christopher Mertz

Christopher is our amazing photographer who we use for all our photoshoots. He knows all trends in fashion pictures and makes sure that all the pictures are in our style, but with his own touch. Christopher is super creative and easy to work with. When we have 100 ideas (which we always do) we collects all of them and come up with the best possible output. He always gets the most amazing expressions from the models and his pictures are truly astonishing!